House Histories in SE England

A professional House History can add to the appeal and satisfaction of living in your home. It can also make a very special gift for a family member. Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about the history of your house, get in touch with All About Ancestors to discuss your project.

Every house has a story to tell. All About Ancestors can discover yours. 

I cover SW London, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, and surrounding areas. 

House History Report

There are two main strands of research for house histories: your home’s architectural history, and tracing the previous occupants of your house

Your report will contain a thorough investigation of both strands of the history of your house, illustrated with maps, photographs, and other images.

The contents of the report will be subject to the nature of the available sources, but many properties in England are fairly well-documented and some houses reveal a great deal of evidence and I will write your House History report in a highly engaging style.

Featured sections will normally include:

  • Introduction
  • The local setting
  • Development of the site
  • An outline of the structure of the building and its architectural features
  • A date for the construction of the original building (this might need to be an approximate date, dependant on sources available)
  • A detailed history of the property
  • Lists of occupants, taken from sources such as the census records 1841-1921 and local volumes and directories
  • Social histories and context of the occupants
  • Sources and Bibliography
  • Two copies of the House History Report (more copies can be supplied on request).
House history House historian
House history House historian

Pricing, timing, delivery & location

The time taken to complete the Report depends the level of research needed, and on my other engagements but will normally be delivered within 12 weeks of commissioning. Prices start at £1200 but are dependent on the nature of the report required, as well as the character, extent and age of the property alongside reasonable travel expenses as required by the work.

Get in touch to discuss your project.


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