DNA Detective & Professional Family Historian

DNA Detective & Global Professional Family Historian

Do you need the help of an experienced DNA detective?

Do you require the assistance of a professional family historian?

If so, I can help.

I’m an experienced and certified professional genealogist and I offer a wide range of traditional and DNA Genetic Genealogy services.

I specialise in:

  • Professional Family History research; especially British research but also for Canada, USA, Australia & NZ, India, & Ireland.
  • DNA Detective work (unknown parentage, adoption, unknown relatives)
  • DNA testing advice and results analysis.
  • Stunning bespoke hardback books of your Family History; these make perfect gifts for a special occasion. 
  • House Histories in SE England.
  • Providing clients with help and support with their research, for example in the effective use of Ancestry.co.uk and Findmypast.co.uk
Family Historian & DNA detective

Get ready to learn all about your ancestors or unknown DNA matches!

Free DNA Detective or Family History consultation before you commit.

You can be assured of receiving a friendly and personal service, so why not contact me now to book your free initial consultation?

Nicola Johnson Family Historian & DNA detective

Specialist Genealogy research

I'm Nicola Johnson and I am an experienced certified professional family historian and DNA detective.

I was previously a professional senior BBC & Associated Press broadcast journalist for over 20 years.

I’m looking forward to discovering your family tree secrets and take a caring, personal and genuine interest in your case.

You can find out more about me on my About page.

I offer a wide range of global professional family history research services.

Whether you need me to discover your whole family tree, or expand on your existing work, my services are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

You remain in control of the budget and research direction at all times.

Employ me as your personal DNA detective to solve a family mystery and find missing or previous unknown relatives.

I can advise about which DNA testing company to use to answer your specific DNA questions.

I also offer a comprehensive DNA analysis service to those who’ve already tested.

Beautiful, bespoke and personalised family tree books.

Designed to last for generations. Let my engaging writing style enhance your unique book.

These make stunning gifts and family heirlooms to be cherished forever.

“Nicola successfully re-united me and my birth family. We'd been looking unsuccessfully ourselves for over 50 years - but she solved the whole mystery in days. We are all absolutely thrilled and would recommend Nicola's DNA detective work to everyone who is desperately searching for a missing or unknown relative."
Sasha Jacobs, London.
“I started to research my family tree on my own but quickly got overwhelmed. Nicola offered her expert help and quickly found multiple new ancestors across the generations. Her writing style is fabulous; you can tell she’s a professional. Highly recommended.
Amanda & Paul Redmonds, Southampton

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